Extracting Value from your Data, Capitalize on Insights not Privacy

Momentum makes the world go around, but if you are in the tech space, it's data that makes the tech world go around.  It wasn’t that long ago that oil companies had the largest market capitalizations. However, look at that list today and it's a who's who in technology, and they all have one thing in common - the volumes and volumes of data that they are storing, making accessible and most importantly protecting for enterprises. In today's fragmented data sharing landscape, which is riddled with policy and regulations, it's time to empower organizations to extract value from their data, capitalize on the insights it drives, and evolve their overall data collaboration ability all while protecting the most sensitive information contained within their data. The data driven enterprise needs to establish a holistic, proven approach to unleashing that value from their data with trust.  

Join Duality CBO, Michael Hughes, and our VP of Strategy, Ronen Cohen, on this webinar from our Business Series where they share real world examples of the many considerations global enterprises have to factor to ensure that sensitive data always remains private, while bridging the challenges associated with disparate data sources and multiple forms of encryption.  

During this session they discuss:

  • How organizations are tackling these nuances
  • The benefits to their customers and partners
  • The impact of advancing your data sharing capabilities